I'm a journalist.

I am a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and a survivor of child abuse. I share the stories of my struggles against insurmountable odds and the triumph of the human spirit.

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Open uri20140123 16546 8cv9s article

Pedophiles and pimps score at large sporting events

The annual Super Bowl weekend is considered to be the largest sex trafficking event in the United States...

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Natural disaster throws children into the arms of pedophiles

In the twisted mind of a pedophile, the chaos from a natural disaster is the perfect environment to hunt for victims....

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Sinead O'Connor reveals her abuse in Catholic Magdalene Laundries

Singer Sinead O'Connor reveals her imprisionment and abuse in Church and State sanctioned Magdalene Laundry...

Open uri20140123 16546 lnf6pt article

The prayer of a sex trafficked child

Suicide seemed the only escape from from the pedophile ring that trafficked me....

Open uri20140123 16546 7z3m8n article

An end to silence: Child sex abuse victims speaking out

The Penn State scandal has begun the demolition of the wall of silence surrounding pedophilia...

Open uri20140123 16546 14psgec article

Bullied to death: The tragic story of Amanda Todd

Amanda Todd was only one month away from her sixteenth birthday when she took her own life, thanks to relentless bullying, cyber stalking....

Open uri20140123 16546 nqeq5u article

A Magdalene Laundry survivor speaks out

The triumph of an unbreakabl​e spirit: Patricia’s story...

Open uri20140123 16546 1sdwqk1 article

A Survivor of the Magdalene Laundries speaks out: Bonnie's story

Bonnie Armijo, a survivor of the American Magdalene Laundries, continues the fight for justice...

Open uri20140123 16546 125nvzz article

Magdalene Laundries: An American survivor's interview (Exclusive)

Diana O'Hara, a survivor of the Magdalene Laundries, describes the horror inflicted on tens of thousands of young girls....

Open uri20140123 16546 1lsx9pu article

Anti-trafficking vigil December 14 by the Project for Healing Humanity

On December 14 at 8:00PM we can all join together to stand against this evil that steals our children....